Reasons the UAE prefers BTU meters

Owners’ Association Managers and Interim Boards Owners’ Associations throughout the United Arab Emirates are constantly facing pressure to save money on energy bills. Decades ago, when district cooling was popularised as a greener and more efficient alternative, many developers did not install individual meters on units, instead choosing to install building-wide units to save on […]

What to look for in a BTU meter supplier

BTU meters are smart meters that measure the emergency content of liquid flow in BTUs (British Thermal Units). Often used in apartment buildings in Dubai, these meters look at the energy consumption within any liquid cooling or heating systems in each individual suite. As a result, BTU smart meters are most commonly used in central […]

The essentials of BTU Meter installation in Dubai

Years ago, district cooling was introduced within Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a more efficient and greener alternative to cooling homes and offices. However, at the time, many developers did not install individual meters on units to save on cost. As a result, residents and owners were charged by dividing each property’s cooling […]

The Benefits of BTU Meter Monitoring Technology

Are you considering installing BTU smart metering? As technology evolves, tools such as smart metres in households around the world are becoming increasingly popular and useful. In particular, BTU meter monitoring technology has become an incredibly efficient way to track energy usage. BTU (British Thermal Units) meters monitor how much and when energy is used […]
How to plan for a BTU Smart Meter installation image

How to plan for a BTU Smart Meter installation

As you may know, Owners Associations throughout Dubai are currently facing a great deal of pressure to provide savings on the energy costs that are associated with running a building. One way in which OAs are combatting the issue is with the installation of BTU Smart Meters. What is a BTU Smart Meter? Simply put, […]
Reduce your chilled water costs with BTU Smart Metering_image

Reduce your chilled water costs with BTU Smart Metering

For the past few years, there has been increasing pressure on Interim Boards of Dubai’s Owners’ Associations and Owners’ Association managers to save on energy bills. For many, a large element where everyone can save costs is through chilled water and air conditioning and the smart way to achieve this is through BTU smart metering. […]
A quick guide to AC Maintenance and why it’s important_image

A quick guide to AC Maintenance and why it’s important

When living in the hot climate of Dubai, a sound air conditioning system is a necessary and worthwhile investment to ensure the comfort of your home. Given that we rely so heavily on our AC systems, it also makes sense to regularly maintain them and ensure they are working to their maximum capacity. Regular maintenance […]
What are the benefits of Smart Metering and Billing Solutions_image

What are the benefits of BTU Smart Metering and Billing Solutions?

As technology and the “Internet of Things” continues to grow and take prominence in our daily lives, tools such as smart meters are becoming increasingly prominent and useful in households all around the world. Used to measure, manage and record the cooled energy and performance of cooled energy (AC) devices in your home, smart meters […]