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Logic Utilities

Logic Utilities was one of the very first providers to offer complete utility solutions and services in the UAE. Since 2009 our locally-founded company has led the way in developing online billing and collection services, and is recognized as a leading supplier and installer of energy meters in the region today and is recognized as a leading Utility Billing and Collection Service Provider company and expert supplier and installer of BTU smart energy meters in the region today.

Our Vision

Our mission at Logic Utilities, is our commitment to providing exceptional utility billing, collection, maintenance, and smart meter installations to our clients in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. We strive to be the leading provider of these services in the MENA region, offering our customers innovative solutions, outstanding customer service, and a commitment to energy reduction, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

Logic Utilities

Whether you’re looking for capable BTU smart meter suppliers in the UAE for a new building development or a complete retrofit of your exiting building.

Logic Utilities is the provider to choose. Our experienced team offers a complete range of utility management solutions including BTU smart meters, water meter and electricity meter installation and general maintenance. We offer industry-leading billing and collection services for all types of utilities, plus experienced consulting services for your project. We can help you to switch to BTU smart meter technology with minimal disruption for customers to support your building in its strive to achieve energy reduction.

Logic Utilities

Why use Smart Metering for Utilities Management?

There are a number of reasons to have Logic Utilities install a BTU meter in your building:

  • A smart meter helps you to minimize high service charges, for cost-effective building management.
  • Residents can track their unique energy consumption in real time, helping them to minimize their own costs.
  • Energy data is sent remotely and in real time, removing the need for manual meter readers to attend each location.
  • Billing and collection is made simple via our intuitive online portal and payment methods.
  • Real-time data means that energy companies can optimize service delivery by quickly identifying outages and anomalies.
Logic Utilities

Why choose Logic Utilities?

  • We provide BTU meters for chilled water systems that are centrally cooled as well as properties with stand-alone chillers.
  • Our certified in-house technicians can provide expert installation and ongoing maintenance services.
  • We install European-made BTU meters in the UAE as local distributer and service centre of Landis + Gyr.
  • You can benefit from our state-of-the-art software for efficient bill generation and collection.
  • We have an office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and can service the entire UAE with English and Arabic speaking customer service.

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By providing individual end-users with insight over their energy consumption we engage with a large base of energy consumers and are spreading awareness by assigning responsibility over their energy consumption. We target to educate and actively contribute to the reduction of energy consumption of each building by engaging end users directly.