Coil Cleaning

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Coil Cleaning

Fast & Effective A/C Coil Cleaning Services in Dubai

Is your air conditioning system not running as well as it should? In a place such as Dubai, coil cleaning is particularly important as there’s a higher rate of sand and dust in the air than in other locations. Cleaning your A/C coils regularly will let your air conditioner run cooler using less energy, saving you money. It also provides you with cooler and fresher air.

An annual or biannual coil clean can increase the life expectancy of your air conditioning unit and keep you cool for years to come. Book one of Logic Utilities’ experienced technicians in for an A/C coil cleaning service, and you’ll be sure to notice the difference.

Why do A/C coils need cleaning?

Air conditioner coils can easily and quickly get clogged with dust, sand and other debris, suppressing their ability to work efficiently. Evaporator and condenser coils both play different roles within the system, but they both require good airflow to work effectively. When they are clogged or blocked, this can result in far higher energy consumption and therefore higher energy bills. In fact, the air conditioning unit may have to work up to 30% harder to generate the same results as a clean coil – therefore consuming up to a third more electricity to produce the same results!

Clogged or blocked coils can increase the operating pressures and operating temperatures of the compressors, potentially resulting in the breakdown of the whole air conditioning unit. Components such as the motor can wear out much faster as a consequence.

If not adequately serviced or maintained, bacteria and mold can also build up within the air conditioning coils. This can potentially lead to flu-like symptoms, as the bacteria is present in the air you breathe.

What are the advantages of coil cleaning? 

  • Improved efficiency of the system
  • Less energy wasted
  • Cleaner and healthier air quality
  • Prolonged life expectancy of A/C units
  • A reduction in your energy bills
  • Better for the environment.

What’s included in an A/C coil cleaning service from Logic Utilities?

Here’s what our technicians carry out during our AC coil cleaning services:

  • Removal of dirt, sand and dust, insects and even small animals
  • Pressure washing which removes debris without damaging the coils
  • Chemical cleaning to clear away stubborn dirt and grime
  • Disinfecting to eradicate mold and bacteria.

What’s not included:

Parts, material and consumables all subject to availability in the UAE.

Why A/C coil cleaning must be thorough

It’s important that the technician carrying out your coil cleaning service is conducting a detailed service, checking both the evaporator and condenser coils and using physical and chemical cleaning to remove contaminants. This should be followed up with a thorough rinse to remove any traces of chemicals, together with a disinfection process to inhibit bacterial growth. Such a detailed process will ensure the entire system is running as it should, with the airflow needed for energy efficient cooling.

How often do A/C Coils need to be cleaned in Dubai and UAE?

While we would typically recommend having your A/C coils cleaned at least once per year, Dubai’s higher rate of dust and sand can necessitate more frequent coil cleaning services. There are several factors that will determine how often your coils should be cleaned, which can include:

  • Where in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates you live
  • How much you use your air conditioning system
  • How old your air conditioning system is
  • How effectively the last coil cleaning service has been carried out.

We’d be happy to provide a free assessment and quote to help you schedule A/C coil cleaning at the most appropriate frequency for your location and system.

Signs your A/C Coils may be due for a clean

  • You can visibly see dirt or debris on your A/C coil
  • Your air conditioning system is working harder than usual to keep the room cool
  • You notice musty or unwanted odors
  • You’re receiving disproportionately high energy bills.

Logic Utilities can provide coil cleaning, duct cleaning, A/C repairs and regular A/C services to keep your air conditioning system in perfect, reliable working order. Contact our friendly customer service today to book or acquire a free quote.

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