Reasons the UAE prefers BTU meters

BTU Meters

Owners’ Association Managers and Interim Boards Owners’ Associations throughout the United Arab Emirates are constantly facing pressure to save money on energy bills. Decades ago, when district cooling was popularised as a greener and more efficient alternative, many developers did not install individual meters on units, instead choosing to install building-wide units to save on cost. Due to a large number of property owners complaining about high service charges (due to the way these meters were originally installed), OA Managers have had to come up with alternative solutions to transfer some of the cost of energy over to tenants and reduce the service charge as a result.

Enter BTU Meters, a technological solution that not only provides immediate convenience but also allows tenants to efficiently manage the costs of their energy output. Here are just a few reasons that residents in the United Arab Emirates prefer BTU meters.

Detailed information

Smart meters are incredibly sophisticated pieces of technology. This means both residents and your energy providers alike will receive greater and more detailed feedback with regards to energy use, which then guarantees accurate numbers when the time comes to pay your bills online. This data will include information such as a resident’s changing demands throughout the year, average loads, and energy consumption of different electrical devices throughout the property.

Ability to adjust habits

Because of BTU Meters’ ability to accurately calculate energy usage and outputs, households that install these smart meters will also be able to track their electrical consumption in real-time. As a result, this allows residents to identify various waste points throughout the property and control device usage, building an informed and data-driven strategy for power consumption. For residents who are concerned about bills, this insight also allows them to instantly alter their usage, thereby resulting in lower bills.

Instant Convenience

For customers and consumers, switching to this BTU meter technology will not require any change or effort in their existing routines. Furthermore, because all meter readings are automatically sent to the electricity company, residents no longer require someone to come around and read the meter manually.

Improved provision of power

Smart meters allow energy providers to monitor the quality of power supply and detect outages and anomalies far more quickly because data is continuously being sent back to the electricity company in real-time. In fact, this information not only benefits residents but also informs the policies and protocols that balance the demand and load in the system. As a result, energy companies can use this knowledge and data to reduce the number and length of blackouts and outages, as well as system-wide electrical failures.

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