A/C Services

Cost-effective Residential A/C Services in UAE

Air conditioning is an essential part of modern Dubai. We recommend that you have your air conditioning unit serviced regularly especially before and after the summer months. Quarterly is the best preventative maintenance, to keep your home and office cool all year long and avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Logic Utilities – “The Logical Choice” Air Conditioning Services

Your A/C system should keep your family comfortable when outdoor temperatures rise. To ensure this happens, preventative maintenance is critical for a properly functioning and efficient unit. Some issues may allow your system to continue providing cool air, but could be wasting energy without your knowledge and eventually causing breakdowns of the entire system.

We also offer regular A/C servicing as part of our maintenance packages.

If A/C is all you desire to be maintained select our Simply A/C package for year round maintenance and peace of mind

What's Included:

  • Provide a detailed report of any major works/ repairs needed
  • Cleaning of A/C filters and grills
  • Inspection and cleaning of the drainage tray
  • Flushing the A/C drain line
  • Checking the condition and operating status of the thermostats
  • Topping up of oil and refrigerant gas
  • Checking the condition and operation of the indoor fan motor
  • Checking the condition and operation of the outdoor chiller


  • Maximise the unit efficiency
  • Prolong the life expectancy of the unit
  • Avoid costly and unnecessary repairs
  • Peace of mind


  • Parts, material and consumables all subject to availability in the UAE