Why you should choose utility billing software

One of the key challenges in utility management can be the billing and collection process. Choosing new utility billing software can be a complicated and drawn-out matter – but it doesn’t have to be! Logic Utilities’ state-of-the-art utility billing software works together with your BTU meter installation to provide an accurate, automated and accessible energy billing and collection platform for residents.

How BTU meter billing works

While many energy providers will require a technician to visit the meter every month, we’ve invested in our utility billing system and software to streamline this process. Rather than wait for a monthly bill in the mail, an accurate and easy-to-read bill is automatically sent via email and SMS at the end of every month. Furthermore, our online customer portal lets every resident check their energy consumption at any point in real-time and adjust their usage accordingly.

Technicians no longer need to visit each site because the BTU smart meter will remotely send the energy consumption data.

Accessible and convenient payment

With our online payment portal, residents can download bills and check their accounts from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere in the world. Perhaps the most unique feature of our billing and collection platform, however, is the wide array of payment options available to customers, including:

  • Online using credit card via our portal or mobile phone application
  • Cash payment via a dedicated multi-service payment kiosks
  • Cheque via drop box
  • In-store payment, cash, cheque and credit card
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit card over the phone

Furthermore, every payment avenue is supported by a Dubai-based customer service team that provides service in both English and Arabic.

What are the benefits of BTU metering for billing?

The benefits of our BTU utility billing software system are endless. For residents, access to real-time data means that monitoring their energy consumption is much easier. Due to the greater transparency, residents also have fewer questions about energy charges. These factors, coupled with the simple and flexible payment options, result in happier residents and more efficient energy usage.

For property owners, utilising our water billing software means a billing and collection process that’s entirely managed for you. As the number one provider of this service in the region today, our collection rates are far higher than average industry rates at almost 90%. The automated transfer of data also allows our employees to focus on other, more important tasks, like providing you with the best service possible.

Logic Utilities is your ideal choice if you’ve been unable to acquire direct billing services from your utility provider and are looking to reduce service charges effectively and easily. Let us support you with expert BTU meter installation, consulting services, meter and A/C maintenance and repairs, and the best utility billing software with a choice in payment options.