What to look for in a BTU meter supplier

BTU meters are smart meters that measure the emergency content of liquid flow in BTUs (British Thermal Units). Often used in apartment buildings in Dubai, these meters look at the energy consumption within any liquid cooling or heating systems in each individual suite. As a result, BTU smart meters are most commonly used in central air-conditioning systems that rely on chilled water as the primary form of cooling. As these meters have become increasingly popular, many suppliers have emerged around the United Arab Emirates. However, it is crucial to go with a trusted BTU meter supplier who can offer the following.


Established over a decade ago, Logic Utilities was one of the first specialists in the UAE to offer complete utility solutions and services. With offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we can service all Emirates within the UAE, working with businesses, developers, governmental organisations and owners associations that have been unable to acquire direct billing services.

Billing and Collection

Here at Logic Utilities, we have invested in state-of-the-art software for bill generation and collection, resulting in a payment portal allows residents to download bills and check their account from the comfort of their own home or anywhere in the world over the internet. From this payment gateway, customers can pay in a multitude of pays including online via our portal or mobile phone app, with cash via our dedicated multi-service payment kiosks, with cheque via drop box, in-store, through direct bank transfer and debt, and with a credit card over the phone.

BTU Meter Installation and Maintenance

Our certified in-house technicians will initially assess your property and develop a retro-fitting BTU meter design to allow accurate recording of energy consumption. After this, the installation will be installed (With both hard-wired and wireless systems) under the supervision of a Project Engineer. Our technical team can then manage the ongoing maintenance of your system.

Consulting Services

In addition to BTU meter installation and maintenance and sophisticated online payment options, the best suppliers will also provide complementary services for all other areas of your building. Here at Logic Utilities, we possess 20 years of cooling experience, which allows us to offer a variety of consultancy services, including Delta T Studies, Bifurcation Studies and Design Reviews and Consultations.

Since 2009, Logic Utilities has led the way in developing online billing and collection services as well as being recognised as one of the leading providers of energy meters in the region today. Contact us today to find out how we can support you.