What to expect from your BTU Meter installation

Living in the UAE, many of us realise the importance of a high-quality and reliable meter system. For many, BTU meters are the ideal option, providing trusted results and optimum features.

What is a BTU Smart Meter?

Although they have been around for many years now, BTU meters are still a mystery to consumers. Simply put, these smart meters measure the emergency content of liquid flow in BTUs (British Thermal Units). They are incredibly useful for apartment buildings as they look at the energy consumption within any liquid cooling or heating systems in every individual suite.

What are the benefits of a BTU smart meter?

When you install BTU meters on your property, both property owners and residents alike will start seeing the benefits of increased savings. This is due to the fact that BTU meters:

  • Provide instantaneous and accurate data on your energy use
  • Remove the need for on-site meter readers
  • Improve the provision of power from energy providers

This real-time data means that residents can adjust and calculate their energy outputs. At the same time, Owners Associations can monitor the chilled water consumption of individual units and charge residents as necessary.

The BTU smart meter installation process

If you have decided to invest in a BTU meter for your property, here’s what you can expect so you can prepare and ensure the process goes smoothly.

  1. Examination: Once you have decided to proceed with the installation and contacted your BTU meter provider, we will examine your building to determine if it is physically capable of having the system installed.

  2. Design: After the install has been approved, our technical team will then assess your property and develop a design that will allow us to retrofit the BTU meter. We have years of experience working with fully occupied properties and can offer solutions for properties that are either centrally cooled or have stand-alone chillers.

  3. Installation: After the examination and design process comes the actual installation. The installation will be overseen and coordinated by a Project Engineer and can either be a hard-wired or wireless system.

  4. Repairs and maintenance: After installation, our certified in-house technicians will provide any ongoing maintenance, repairs and check-ups as necessary. This maintenance strategy is partnered with a reactive service that allows us to instantly reach you in instances where a fault is identified on the system.

  5. Billing: Finally, Logic Utilities provides a billing system that closely monitors your property’s energy and/or water consumption, manually analysing daily data for any possible anomalies.

Since 2009, Logic Utilities has led the way in developing online billing and collection services as well as being recognised as one of the leading providers of energy meters in the region today. Contact us today to discover our range of services and find out how we can support you.