What are the benefits of BTU Smart Metering and Billing Solutions?

What are the benefits of Smart Metering and Billing Solutions_image

As technology and the “Internet of Things” continues to grow and take prominence in our daily lives, tools such as smart meters are becoming increasingly prominent and useful in households all around the world.

Used to measure, manage and record the cooled energy and performance of cooled energy (AC) devices in your home, smart meters measure how much and when consumption is used within your property. It then sends this information back to your energy provider without the need for manual readings. Operating completely without the need for an on-site technician, smart meters allow Utility companies to remotely measure your cooling quality and provide detailed and accurate data.

The benefits of smart metering and its subsequent billing solutions are many, and include:


As a consumer, switching to this new technology will not require any radical change or effort in your routine. Due to the fact that all meter readings are now automatically sent to your electricity company, this means you will no longer need someone to come around and read your meter manually and can guarantee accurate numbers when the time comes to pay your bills online.

Detailed information

Smart meters are sophisticated pieces of technology, which means both you and your energy provider will receive greater and more detailed feedback with regards to your energy use. This data will include information such as your changing demands throughout the year, average loads, and energy consumption of different electrical devices throughout your property.

Ability to adjust your habits

Thanks to the ability to accurately calculate your energy usage and outputs, households that invest in smart meters will also be able to track their electrical consumption in real-time. This allows you to identify various waste points throughout your property and control device usage, building an informed and data-driven strategy for your cooling consumption, giving you greater control over your bills.

Improves provision of power

Because data is continuously being sent back to your Utility company in real-time, smart meters allow your providers to monitor the quality of your supply and detect outages and anomalies far more quickly. This wealth of information also informs policies and protocols which balance the demand and load in the system. As a result, these types of advanced energy management systems help your Utility company reduce the number and length of outages, as well as system-wide cooling failures.

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