The essentials of BTU Meter installation in Dubai

Years ago, district cooling was introduced within Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a more efficient and greener alternative to cooling homes and offices. However, at the time, many developers did not install individual meters on units to save on cost. As a result, residents and owners were charged by dividing each property’s cooling bill by the respective area they owned or lived in.

Introducing BTU meters

BTU meters precisely measure the thermal energy of chilled water consumption in British thermal units (BTU) – a basic measurement of thermal energy for commercial and residential buildings.

Recently, many Owners’ Association Managers and Interim Boards Owners’ Associations have been experiencing pressure to save money on energy bills here in Dubai. Because of the way the meters were originally set up, owners have complained about high service charges, which means that many OA Managers must now find alternative solutions to combat the issue. Specifically, the installation of BTU meter has allowed OA Managers to transfer some of the cost of energy over to tenants and reduce the service charge as a result.

Before, occupants of units would end up paying the same amount for cooling, regardless of whether or not their cooling was on or off. However, thanks to the precise data generated by BTU meters, residents are now encouraged to be economical with their consumption as they will see the direct results of doing so.

The benefits of BTU meter installation

By installing BTU meters on your property, property owners and buildings are able to take advantage of increased savings. This is because these meters:

  • Provide instantaneous and accurate data on your energy use
  • Remove the need for on-site meter readers
  • Improve the provision of power from energy providers
  • Let residents adjust and calculate their energy outputs

Furthermore, studies have shown that owners have been able to save up to 40% on their annual service charges as a result.

What to expect from your BTU Meter installation

The team at Logic Utilities has many years of experience in BTU meter installation in properties throughout Dubai. With the ability to service properties that are cooled, supplied or have stand-alone chillers, our certified in-house technicians will perform both the initial installation and ongoing maintenance. Whether you require a hard-wired or wireless system, we have the expertise to install systems for water and cooling systems for proper energy management.

In addition to this, our advanced system for commissioning existing systems within buildings for energy management services in Dubai means that we can quickly take your system to operational status in a manner of hours. And, once installed, our team can manage your meter with a preventative maintenance strategy that is complemented with a reactive service should a fault be found on the system. This is paired with a billing system that closely monitors your property’s energy and/or water consumption, manually analysing daily data for any possible anomalies.

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