Reduce your chilled water costs with BTU Smart Metering

Reduce your chilled water costs with BTU Smart Metering_image

For the past few years, there has been increasing pressure on Interim Boards of Dubai’s Owners’ Associations and Owners’ Association managers to save on energy bills. For many, a large element where everyone can save costs is through chilled water and air conditioning and the smart way to achieve this is through BTU smart metering.

What is a BTU meter

BTU meters are meters which measure the emergency content of liquid flow in British Thermal Units (BTU). Simply put, they measure the individual energy consumption within any liquid heating or cooling systems. These types of meters are commonly used in central air-conditioning systems that rely on chilled water as a form of cooling and are prevented in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Thanks to the advent of smart meters, these systems can detect the temperature of supply and return pipes in real-time, providing useful information such as the flow rate, instantaneous temperature, energy consumption and much more. When used in multi-residential buildings, they can calculate the thermal consumption of each individual suite.

How to reduce costs through BTU metering

After installing a BTU Smart Meter system, there are a number of things owners and associations can do to save on energy bills:

  • Install programmable thermostats:
    Install programmable thermostats in common areas (such as corridors, gyms, lounges) and program them to turn on and off during specific hours. Furthermore, these can be set to optimal temperatures to reduce strain on cooling systems, thereby reducing energy outputs.
  • Optimise chilled water pumps:
    Analyse and optimise existing chilled water pumps which run on electricity and can contribute significantly to electricity bills.
  • Maintain AC equipment:
    Ensure HVAC equipment in common areas is well-maintained. Air conditioning equipment efficiency can be affected by issues such as faulty controllers, dirty filters and malfunctioning actuator valves – all of which unnecessarily add to running costs.

BTU meter installation experts

The team at Logic Utilities have years of experience handling BTU meters, with a fleet of certified in-house technicians ready to assist you in both the initial installation and ongoing maintenance.

Working with properties that both centrally cooled or have stand-alone chillers, our technical experts can assess your property and custom-develop a design that allows the accurate recording of energy consumption. Furthermore, our strategic partnerships with leading meter suppliers offering the latest technology and European quality means that you can rest easy knowing your property is outfitted with the best and latest systems.

Get in touch with us today to discover how our BTU meter installation and AC maintenance services can help you lower costs and improve the performance of your cooling systems.