A quick guide to AC Maintenance and why it’s important

A quick guide to AC Maintenance and why it’s important_image

When living in the hot climate of Dubai, a sound air conditioning system is a necessary and worthwhile investment to ensure the comfort of your home. Given that we rely so heavily on our AC systems, it also makes sense to regularly maintain them and ensure they are working to their maximum capacity. Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your system running efficiently and comes with a range of benefits.

Protect important equipment

Replacing an air conditioner is not only unnecessary but can also be an expensive endeavour, especially if you are doing this every couple of years.

Did you know that one of the most common issues affecting the efficiency of your air conditioner is dirty or clogged filters? When not properly maintained, grimy filters can block the normal airflow. This, in turn, means that the air bypassing the filter can carry dirt and particles straight into the evaporator coil, impairing its heat-absorbing ability and subsequently increasing energy consumption by 5-15%.

Regularly maintaining your system, as well as scheduling consistent check-ups with a qualified technician, can reduce the chance of costly and unexpected repairs. Not only will your technician notify you of any worn equipment and need to replacements, but they can also identify potential problems. This, in turn, will extend the life of your equipment and ensure it is running to optimal standards.

Energy savings

 As mentioned previously, clogged ducts and dirty filters can cause strain on your air conditioning unit, making motor and cooling units work harder and use up more energy. While regularly cleaning your air conditioner yourself will result in improved energy efficiency and lowered running costs, enlisting the help of skilled technicians can also check for other technical issues.

When inspecting your AC system, a qualified technician will check a variety of elements and carry out necessary tasks such as cleaning of blades, ducts, cooling coils and other components, coolant monitoring and replacement, thermostat checks, and thorough inspections of equipment and seals. Ensuring all these pieces of equipment are operating smoothly will maximise your energy efficiency and consequently save money on utility bills.

Improved air quality

No matter where you live, many people are concerned about air quality. However, we share our homes with many common allergens such as household dust, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mould, cigarette smoke and more. In fact, reports have shown that the level of airborne pollutants are 2-5 times higher indoors when compared to outdoors – something that is a significant issue especially if you have family members who experience respiratory issues such as asthma.

When you spend so much time indoors, it’s natural that you want premium air quality as well. The filters inside air conditioners are specifically designed to catch dust and other pollutants such as bacteria and pollen. However, when not regularly maintained, dirt can collect in and around the unit, and clogged filters allow contaminants to pass through and be dispersed throughout your environment.

If regularly maintained, your AC will efficiently filter out these contaminants, ensuring that the air you breathe is fresh and clean.

The team at Logic Utilities offer a range of AC maintenance services including AC repairs and coil cleaning. Contact us today to find out how we can help maintain and ensure the longevity of your air conditioning system.